Primi piatti:

Trofie with pesto   10€

Trenette with pesto  10€

                        Potato dumplings with Tomato Souce and Aubergine  8€

Filled pasta with Nut Cream   12€

Spelt with Vegetables   9€

Tagliatelle with Meat Sauce   10€

                                                       Home-made Dessert:

Pine Nut Cake   5€

Marmelade Tart   5€

Raspberry Cake   5€

Tiramisù   5€

Backed Cream  5€

                         Cantucci Dry Biscuits with vin Santo Sweet Wine   5€

Lemon Sorbet   5€

                                              Secondi piatti:

Ligurian Rabbit with Polenta   12€

Roasted Veal with Potatoes   12€

Roulade of Veal with Polenta   14€

Sliced Veal Shank with Polenta   12€

                               T-bone cooked on the barbecue   45€/kg (on reservation)

Cuttlefish with Polenta   15€

 Grilled Octupus with Potatoes   15€

Stuffed Squid with Polenta   14€

Small Octupus in spicy Souce  14€

Mixed Cheese  6€

                                                   House starter:

Fried Lettuce

Mixed Cold Cuts

Savory Pie

Homemade Focaccia Bread

Toasted Bread seasoned with Oil and Sliced Tomatoes or Olive Patè


We only use natural and fresh ingredients. Thus, we will be glad sometimes to offer you savoury alternative to our menu.

If you fell like planning your celbration, refreshments, or a warm dinner, it will be a pleasure for us to compose with you a special menu that will fulfill your wishes.

Enjoy your meal.

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